Parsuram Ramkissoon (owner of Ram’s Diner) has had a very interested journey with his restaurant business.  He opened his first iHop (International House of Pancakes) one week before Hurricane Andrew devastated the entire area of Homestead/Naranja.  Needless to say, he “lost everything” before he really had a chance to get started.  But only one month later, he was able to re-launch the restaurant and make it a great success.

Eventually, his career took a different path and he chose to let go of the business in 2008.  And while he worked as one of the Line Chefs at the Bistro in Nordstrom’s, one day in 2014, he was searching for restaurant equipment in the classifieds and he came across an ad for a “Restaurant for Sale” in Naranja.  Well low and behold, when he looked a little closer, it was located at the very same location he once owned his iHop.  Wow – Call it fate, call it a coincidence, call it a sign, call it whatever you want… he felt he had to take immediate action.  So he replied to the ad and the rest is history – Ram’s Diner (initially named “Bistro Fusion”) had been born.

Parsuram Ramkisson
Parsuram Ramkissoon (“Ram”) greeting his regulars

Ram’s dream of owning his own diner and serving the community was once again a reality.  And this time, he wasn’t going to let it go.  Fast-forward 2 years later, Ram’s Diner is a very successful family-run business in the heart of Naranja, FL.

Make sure to stop by, bring the whole family, and say hi to Ram.

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27077 S Dixie Hwy
Naranja, FL 33032
Phone: 786-707-2389